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Moline, IL

Greetings Readers!

So, the event in Cleveland was a bust, so I didn't get many photos worth posting. However, I'm in Moline now and I've taken a few shots of the river from the bridge and bank. I also have a few "macro" (? still learning) shots to post as well. I'm pretty excited and hope to receive some feedback on the photos I post as well as the page.

Tomorrow night I'll check out Miss Mamie's Restaurant & Bar for dinner, then head to the River House Bar & Grill (area) for some live music (hopefully) and more river shots! This site ( doesn't say there are any events tomorrow, but the local staff here at Fairfield Inn says there may be. Wish me luck, I'll only be here until Friday morning, but I should be able to find something to get into.

I'll be posting soon.



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